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Gorsko Slivovo


Ivan Karaivanov - Mayor
Т.: 0889 315013

Deniza Karaivanova and Rumyanka Todorova - Cultural center
Т.: 0878 534887 & Т.: 0897 976543

Gorsko Slovovo village has population of about 650 inhabitants, Bulgarians and ethnic Turks living in good understanding. It exists from the Middle ages.

There is an old mosque since 16 century and a church built in 1881.

The Cultural center is situated in a big beautiful building , constructed in 1966, including  a library, Local museum, hall with over 200 seats.

Garvanitsa cave in just 2 km from th evillage - it is a carts pot-hole 60 meters deep in the middle of the fields.




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