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Diana Vasileva - Mayor
Т.: 0878 248929

Detelika Karapetrova - Cultural center
Т.: 0878 446301

The name of the Devetaki village has given the name of the whole plateau. It is considered to originate from the historical fact that at Roman times there were 9 settlements in the area, which later united into one bigger village. (In Bulgarian, “devet” means ‘nine”.)

In the lands of the village evidences from the past still can be found showing that Thracian and Romans had settled around. The village Devetaki was mentioned for the first time in a Turkish document from 1479 as a feudal estate with 22 families. In the Antiquity there were 14 small settlements in the area, the most important of which was in the Devetaki cave. The Devetaki cave is one of the biggest in Bulgaria. After the union of 9 of these antique villages came the name of the village Devetaki.  


Attractions in Devetaki

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