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The old mill

The Old Mill is a modern, offbeat event space in the village of Karpachevo - one of the smallest, still very attractive villages in the Devetaki Plateau.

Built in 1933 in the neighbouring Krushuna village as a water mill, later it is was dismantled, moved and reassembled in Karpachevo, this time, as an electric mill. After years in decline, the building was in very bad condition, until 2019 when the City Council of Letnitsa Municipality rented it to Devetaki Plateau Association to renovate and use as a cultural and information center. The association made the renovation attracting the young architects from Studio NADA and financial support from America for Bulgaria Foundation.

At present the building lives its second life, hosting a Rural Business Academy in which the Association trains entrepreneurs from rural areas throughout the country. In addition, the Mill can be rented by other organizations, companies and interest groups as a multifunctional space for cultural events, training, teambuilding, retreats, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and other corporate and artistic events. 

The hall hosts up to 30 people. The tables and chairs are foldable and mobile - they can all be arranged according to the needs and the preferences of the users. The space is equipped with a laptop, a beamer and a screen, Wi Fi and a flipchart stand. The groud floor can also be used - for working in groups or for other formats and events. There is a wide wifi monitor there that can as well be used for presentations. The building has a unique heating system, a small kitchen place,  two coffee - machines, a dishwasher and two WCs. Fron the Old Mill one can enjoy a magnificent view across the Danubian Plain. The village of Karpachevo offers accommodation in cosy and friendly guesthouses. There is a very good restaurant at a walking distance from the Mill, catering on the spot is also a good option. In their free time the participants can experience numerous attractions in the region of the Devetaki Plateau - horse-riding, pottery, massages, a swimming - pool, tracking, cooking, embroidery, wine - tasting, etc. Moreover, the outstanding natural resources of the region - caves, waterfalls and amazing views will make your stay unforgettable.  

For contacts and booking: - +359 888 397432 - Iva Taralezhkova