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Youth Actions for Rural Future (YARF)

This is a Youth for Europe funded project, managed by Grampus Heritage and Training, U.K.

Devetaki Plateau Association is the Bulgarian partner. 48 young people from 6 countries are involved – U.K., Bulgaria /8 students from Devetaki Plateau area/, Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Slovakia.


The young people met for 16 days in July 2010 in Ashgil, a small village in Cumbria, U.K., to discuss together with local youth and adults the positive and negative sides of rural life – traditional local skills and sustainable rural products, poor infrastructure and transport connections, migration of the well qualified young people, possibilities for business and low incomes.


There was a lively debate in the village hall, young people presented their fresh ideas and organized a fashion show from the trash that collected the applauses of the British guests.


Young people organized multinational workshops to create sustainable “green” products as well as their costumes for the fashion show. All together presented the “Agenda for change” to the local community, and later to the communities of their own countries