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Architectural Award for the Old Mill

The Old Mill in Karpachevo village with a special prize from the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria


About 40 projects took part in the Fourth edition of the Competition for Bulgarian Architectural Awards 2022.

The Old Mill is in Karpachevo village, Letnitsa municipality. Built in 1933 in Krushuna village as a water mill, later it is was dismantled, moved and reassembled in the neighboring Karpachevo, this time, as an electric mill. After years in decline, the building was in very bad condition, until 2019 when the City Council of Letnitsa Municipality rented it to Devetaki Plateau Association to renovate and use as a cultural and information center. 

The association started the renovation, attracting financial support from America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Young architects from NADA studio developed the architectural solution sharing the concept of the Devetaki Plateau Association for preservation of the authenticity of the building in combination with new modern functionality.

The building was opened in March 2022 as a Cultural and Information Center, reviving the public and cultural life in the village and the region. In the Old Mill, the Devetaki Plateau Association started their Rural Business Academy, where rural entrepreneurs obtain new knowledge to professionalize their work and improve local rural economy. Over 30 students from different rural areas took part in the training courses so far, and the new groups will join in November this year.

The Old Mill is equipped to host events of other organizations, institutions and business companies in its cozy and artistic atmosphere – trainings, seminars, team buildings, exhibitions, workshops and cultural events.

Thus, the Old Mill continues to live as an attractive community center, supporting local development and promoting the region of the Devetaki Plateau. The current high award of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria contributes a lot to this.


For more information and contacts:

Iva Taralezhkova, Chair of the Board of Devetaki Plateau Association

0888 397 432