About Devetaki plateau

Over nine mountains – in the tenth, over nine rivers - in the tenth, over nine lakes - in the tenth; through nine villages ... and that is Devetaki Plateau!

Fairy tales never mention the names of mountains, rivers, lakes or villages. That is why they are fairy tales. Otherwise, the beginning would be too verbose and particular for a story full of wonders. Certainly the narrator of at least one tale - whether that of the servant who became rich or of the magic herb that cures everything - meant Agatovo, Brestovo, Gorsko Slivovo, Devetaki, Kramolin, Krushuna, Kakrina, Karpachevo, Tepava and Chavdartsi. Villages of Devetaki Plateau.

Stalbitsa Karpachevo Stalbitsa
The Futyo Cave Karpachevo The Futyo Cave
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